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Product advantages

  Shanghai Dai Wai Mechanical Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional team engaged in the sales of plastic machinery equipment accessories and equipment maintenance. The company has many years of practical experience in the manufacture and maintenance of equipment accessories. It has the industry's higher ability to "integrate production, sales, and services." It serves every customer.

  The company's main products are PE blown film machine, gravure printing machine, bag making machine, and required equipment and accessories.

  The company will adhere to the business philosophy of “taking product quality as corporate life, honesty and trustworthiness as the basis, and customer needs as the goal”, constantly expanding the future development space for products and industries, and advancing the development of plastic high-tech complete sets of technical equipment. Applications make greater contributions.

  Five reasons to choose Dai Wai mechanical products for quick delivery and excellent cost performance:

  1. Fast delivery method, excellent cost performance:

  Time is money, and the shortest delivery time can save customers money. The quick delivery method ensures the customer's time requirement. Our price and performance, as well as the cost-effectiveness of the service life, are the best.

  2. Fortunate quality, expanding customer base:

  We have provided mechanical equipment and accessories products and technical services for major OEMs and end users throughout the country for many years. Our customers tell us that they are booking from us because of our reliable quality and timely technical services. Many of our new customers are recommended by our old customers.

  3. Variety of product varieties to meet customer needs at multiple levels:

  In addition to machinery, the company's products are also engaged in the processing and production of machine parts (such as: molds, gear boxes, upper spin, air rings, screws, barrels, upper traction, lower rotation, etc.)

  4. Customer satisfaction is the highest service goal we pursue:

  "User-oriented; quality first" in Dawei machinery is not only the belief of the company, but also the company's life and the cornerstone. "Integrity first, and the common development with customers" is the same as the style of the Millennium Machinery, and it is also an eternal concept.

  5. Quality, system, and perfect after-sales service system:

  Reliable product quality is not inconsistent with high-quality, fast and comprehensive customer service. Our services are received from customer inquiries, quotation, manufacturing, delivery, installation guidance, usage tracking and end of use. Our customers are most satisfied with our service is the quality of the product.